Thinking Outside the Box in Business

Thinking Outside the Box in Business

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The hunger for success often leads an individual to a path where they must fight hard to survive.

Thinking outside of the box is more than just a common cliche. In fact, it means looking at issues from a new perspective and coming up with an ideal solution to counter them. Sometimes, you will have to get outside of your comfort zone to achieve these things, but once you do, it will ensure that your mind is open to all kinds of possibilities and opportunities to approach your perspectives in a better position. 

Moreover, thinking outside of the box also means that you are willing to consider approaching different solutions to reach the ideal outcome you were hoping for.

I mean, if we were to avoid thinking outside of the box, we would have never made any new inventions or brought about innovative advancements around the world. 

The Need For Creative Businessmen 

For the longest time, many scientists were under the impression that people who thought outside of the box would eventually fold from the group pressure as most people tend to conform to a mob mentality. And people who broke out of the box – such as leaders – were often ridiculed and labelled ‘troublemakers.’ 

In a scientific journal written by Jurgen Schaefer, he talks about how everyone likes creative thinkers until they have one who is on their team. He also wrote that, “We can thank individuals who swam against the stream for many developments that we have made. Once upon a time no one thought we would fly through space or set sail in one direction and come back in another.” 

Creative thinkers in business are the right people for any job as they are easily able to find answers to commonly unsolved questions. They weigh up on their facts and do not shy away from taking new approaches. They are also the type of team leaders who can find solutions to any technical, social, or even scientific problems by going against the mob and questioning the common ways we have done in the past. 

To understand the value of innovation in business and making use of the ‘thinking outside of the box’ concept, consider looking at the work done by none other than Richard E. Shaw himself – a highly revered American author, inventor, educator, business analyst and more. 

Shaw has been known for his many achievements and his leadership in entrepreneurship and education. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the American Inventors and also received two industrial design excellence awards from the Industrial Design Society in the United States. 

Shaw currently owns the prestigious RESCORP Properties, LLC where he markets and sells while also simultaneously promoting creative innovations, books and properties of real estate. 

Furthermore, one of his notable works include being the inventor of the Credit and Debit Receiving and Dispensing Device – a vending machine system where users can use debit and credit card payments instead of only making use of cash. And as an author, he has been known for his popular literary works such as “Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs,” “Hidden Treasure,” and “PASSIONAIRE.  

Learn more about the author Richard E Shaw

Richard E Shaw is an American Author, Writer, Educator, Inventor and Entrepreneur

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