Speak Up & Motivate you Audience for Success…


Whether you have to cope with an upcoming event, a “public speaking emergency,” or a long-term -plan to achieve personal development, these Rich Shaw Public Speaking & Appearance services will assist you and your team members to get motivated and Speak Up for Success.

Public Speaking & Appearance Services for Individuals

At Rich Shaw coaching services, we offer:

  • Private speaker coaching sessions
    • Private coaching that is carefully tailored to meet your needs.
    • Enhanced your work material, and your public speaking personality
    • Offered in person or by a designated social platform, on an hour basis
    • Ability to customize and focus coaching on a particular presentation, general skill building, or for an upcoming event.
  • Unlimited sessions as needed:
    • Weekly session to help build new skills and confidence
    • A one-time session to help re-orient your approach
    • As many sessions as needed that tackles specific work or professional challenge.
  • Speech writing, Proofreading/Editing and Powerpoint for:
    • People keynoting a major conference
    • When presenting your work before or to an informal meeting. The perfect “script” makes it a hundred times easier.

Public Speaking & Presentations Services for Organizations

Public Speaking & Presentations are Rich Shaw’s most popular renditions for organizations. We offer:

  • Customized, fast-pace, and efficient public speaking workshops
  • Workshops can operate for more than two hours up to 1/2 days.
  • Designed within and around the material, outcomes and communication needs you identify
  • For included value, all workshop participants are presented with a copy of Richard Shaw’s acclaimed book on public appearance and personal development.
  • Follow-up suggestions and resources to assist ongoing learning
  • Keynote speeches for entertaining insights, common perspective and hands-on exercise on public speaking to a larger audience

Public Speaking & Appearance Services for events

  • Perfect for internal or external events
  • Enhances the ability of a high-stakes pitch or team presentation
  • Takes every member of your presentation team to a new level of confidence skills
  • Multiplying the power and impact of your team’s experience
  • Mesmerize your audience

Want to know how this approach can be of help to you? Contact me and let us discuss your situation.