Leadership Coaching Service

Rich Shaw’s leadership coaching practices are designed to work with:

  • People who are looking to develop their leadership and teaming capabilities
  • People are facing difficulties with any aspect of their leadership and team responsibilities
  • People who are looking to strengthen their platform for spreading their mission, and message and to have more diversity in their team
  • The management team who are looking to develop a bonding experience through customized activities and programming to improve the relationship The management team who are looking to establish different interaction tools and patterns to address inefficiency and conflicts
  • CEOs, senior managers, mid-level executives or C-suit executives who are looking to broaden and maximize their team’s leadership and impact
  • Mid-level C-suit executives who feel blocked and unfulfilled in their upward mobility and in realizing their professional goals
  • CEOs and leaders who are looking to have a more diverse and impactful team and the ability to have their message and mission across

Benefits of Taking Our Leadership Coaching Services

  • Identifying your area of brilliance as a leader
  • Enhancing what makes you indispensable to your organization and clients
  • Creating your professional and personal brand online and in-person
  • Amplifying and mission quality as a leader
  • Enhancing your leadership and teaming strategy
  • Managing challenging decisions and implementing conversation decisions
  • Incorporating your values into your work strategy
  • And more