The Intrusions Within That Prevent Humans From Reaching Their True Potential

The Intrusions Within That Prevent Humans From Reaching Their True Potential

The Intrusions Within That Prevent Humans From Reaching Their True Potential

Ambitious individuals tend to spend a substantial time thinking about strategies that will help them achieve success. Whether in their professional careers or personal lives, they would immerse themselves in unlocking that “winning mantra” that will make them a force to be reckoned with. These individuals would work to achieve higher compensation, more responsibility, and an impressive job title for better recognition, sizable revenues, and becoming a rarified performer against all odds. Yet, not many realize such goals and eventually succumb to the realities of life.

Several factors add to one’s potential, such as physical and emotional security, will, and mindset. In today’s world marked with uncertainties and malice, people tend to forget the different aspects that could make or break dreams. Physical security is perhaps the most basic need required to achieve something. Without adequate food or shelter, one ends up transitioning into survival mode.

Looking through an objective lens, consider a person who has the ability to become a successful computer programmer. But he is stuck in a remote area and deprived of even the most basic necessities in life. But now, he is stuck with limited options to find ways to fulfill those needs, putting his quest to achieve greatness to a complete halt.

Further, humans are social animals, and performing well in isolation can be impossible for most. Many experts have suggested that people can work on their mental health and improve decision-making abilities through intimate bonds with others. Contradictory to some psychological studies, relying too much on others could be a disadvantage. For instance, some people find it hard to choose between their social needs and ambitions. For example, Richard E. Shaw, in his book, More Than Just a Game, tells the readers about different barriers that prevent people from achieving their dreams. It can be financial constraints, physical limitations, or even the environment that they live in. So, humans must identify the fine line between their emotional connections and how they can achieve greatness with those connections by their side.

Lastly, mindset is an essential factor when one is trying to reach their true potential. This might not be an issue for most people, especially those with strong convictions. Other factors may become hurdles. Those who are not faced with other restraints and still find it hard to achieve their true potential need a shift in mindset. But not just any mindset; the key to excel is to have a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, one can believe anything is possible without sounding too delusional.

One area that could help achieve a growth mindset is to always welcome criticism and use it to better themselves. Yes, some could be bogus, but others can be constructive. A person with a growth mindset will accept those issues and evaluate ways to counteract them. The goal would be to deliver better results in pressure situations.

For instance, if a person has stage fright and can’t perform in front of people, they mustn’t quit because they fear something going wrong. Vincent van Gogh once said, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” People often worry about things that aren’t in their control, preventing them from following their passion. Let’s face it, everyone has fears, and there’s no greater fear than the fear of failure. Richard Shaw shares in his book that most people have fears that prevent them from moving forward. And those who face their fears and proceed further stop due to emotional restrictions. In the circumstances like these, a person with conviction should be sturdy enough to make sacrifices, but not those he might regret later. For instance, if a person fears going on the stage because they might mess up, they might never get the chance. On the other hand, if they swallow that bitter pill, they might perform better than expected and potentially become a performer of the ages. In short, it’s human nature to get trapped by psychological barriers that inhibit one from reaching their true potential. The idea here is not to restrict oneself to those barriers but to rise above them. All it needs is honest efforts, one sight on the objective, and a growth mindset.

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