Rich Publishing House Announces Triple Book Launch by Richard E. Shaw

Rich Publishing House Announces Triple Book Launch by Richard E. Shaw

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2024 / Rich Publishing House, a Texas-based publishing company, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of three new books authored by company CEO and founder Richard E. Shaw (writing as Rich E. Shaw). Scheduled for release in the second week of March, the titles are: Million Dollar Penny, Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now, and More Than Just a Game 2.

<i>The newest titles from Rich Publishing House</i>
The newest titles from Rich Publishing House

Rich Publishing House is planning a wide distribution strategy for the new titles, which will be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Shaw’s personal website. They will also be featured on Goodreads and Audible.

Shaw, the founder and CEO of Rich Publishing House, says that the company has launched a multi-platform distribution plan in an effort to maximize accessibility and reach a diverse audience. The team at Rich Publishing House is excited to distribute Shaw’s newest works in multiple formats to cater to readers and listeners around the world.

The new titles are:

Million Dollar Penny: From high school onwards, Travis Weston and Roy Henson, hailing from very different social and economic backgrounds, find their lives intertwined amidst the challenges they face. As they transition to adulthood, they learn the unpredictability of life and the importance of having a clear vision for success. The story focuses on friendship, resilience, and optimism. Despite their differences, Travis and Roy share common experiences of joy, sorrow, and hard work, and the novel follows their evolving relationship as they pursue their dreams.

Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now: Carissa faces a crucial choice between two lives: one of comfort and illusion with a wealthy partner; or true self-acceptance alongside her family’s simple existence. The novel, based on a true story, explores themes of identity, love, and the essence of happiness. The story hones in on personal discovery, challenging readers to consider the true meaning of fulfillment and think beyond the novel’s plot.

More Than Just a Game 2: This novel is the sequel to Shaw’s 2022 novel, and returns to the story of Dash, an aspiring athlete. In this story, Dash has lost everything – friends, lover, football, his parents’ trust, and most importantly, his own trust. He began to think that passion and responsibility could never co-exist; but through enemies, scandals, and lies, he begins to learn what’s really important in life.

The launch of these three new books represents a strategic move to diversify and strengthen the publisher’s portfolio. The expansion into various genres has the potential to broaden the company’s appeal to a wider audience, as well as enhance its reputation for producing quality, impactful literature. As Rich Publishing House caters to different reader interests – from motivational stories to romantic drama to sports-themed life lessons – the company hopes to offer something for every reader.

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