Life Beyond Self-Help Books

Life Beyond Self-Help Books

Life Beyond Self-Help Books

The hunger for success often leads an individual to a path where they must fight hard to survive.

Richard e shaw

Self-help books have become the new cool over the last few years. People now grab these books hoping they’d come across the missing ‘Chemical X’ that would define their tale of success. Motivational books have created this illusion that a 200-page book is all they need to crack the code of life. But, in reality, the ground realities are different. Stories that ‘inspire’ people today might not be the complete tale. They do not reveal anything about the decades of nothingness that a person has to face. It is always about the glamorous part of the story, while the hard work, determination, and difficulties often go unnoticed.

Between the pages is a story that nobody knows. It is a tale full of obstacles, sacrifices, and failure. The books one finds on the bookshelves only tell a half-baked tale. What remains a mystery is a life that goes beyond writing a few hundred pages. A story about a millionaire giving up his 9-to-5 routine sounds fascinating right? But no one talks about decisions that affected their domestic life.

It is a reality that carving the way to glory is anything but glorious. For instance, a famous billionaire might have given up everything they had in the quest to find success. And it’s not only about the finances. What self-help books lack is the truth that can make their sales plummet. These books tell the stories of triumph but fail to highlight the true price one had to pay.

The hunger for success often leads an individual to a path where they must fight hard to survive. It usually comes down to a point where ambition comes in the way of domestic responsibilities. A person stands at crossroads with a decision to make, choosing between two options. It pushes a person to let go of the people who were integral to their journey. But is it necessary to compromise on such things in a hunt for glory? Maybe not.

The examples that self-book publishings offer are nothing but a mirage. They try to trick people into thinking they can taste triumph’s flavor by following a similar path as the author. The truth is that every person has a different perspective on life. It’s next to impossible for a person to follow a life that is nothing like their own. The struggles, stories, and characters are different in a person’s life journey. The path to success is even more diverse for everyone

Richard E. Shaw’s new book, More Than Just a Game, breaks the cycle and takes the liberty to utilize the power of fiction. The book attempts to help people escape the mirage presented by the overhyped books. It eliminates the possibility of achieving success by giving up on the people who played a role on a ladder in your journey. The book’s story revolves around a successful football player Dash, who chose his passion over everything else. He did climb up to fame, but the cost he paid was much higher. In his quest to become the best, Dash gave up everything that made up his life and subsequently lost the people who genuinely cared for him without any vested interest.

Shaw is a man who has closely witnessed the colors of success. An American national, Shaw is an author, a motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur. Shaw studied Mechanical Engineering at the Louisiana State University (LSU) Baton Rouge, LA. The author also secured an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Dallas College El Centro, formerly El Centro College in Dallas, Tx.

Life is a blend of emotions, stories, and people. For instance, a motivational book tells a success story of a runaway kid who is missing out on the traumas he carries within himself. Nobody can dare to deny the sheer importance of relationships in our lives. By giving up all of this, a person would be left with regrets that far outweigh the little bits of success.

Richard urges people to find balance in their lives. He stresses the importance of living in the moment and appreciating what you have. The appetite for success is something that keeps a person going. But, it should not interrupt the way you live and function. Many people use Gautama Buddha as an example claiming how he said, ‘The root of suffering is attachment.’ What they fail to address is that attachments can also empower a person. It’s crucial not to overlook the power of love and togetherness. It is a potion that can allow you to discover your potential.

With his book, Richard wants to prevent readers from making the same mistakes that Dash made in his life. He urges the readers to create a sweet balance between their goals and surroundings to lead a life free of regrets and trauma. 

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Richard E Shaw is an American Author, Writer, Educator, Inventor and Entrepreneur

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