Publishing Maverick Rich Publishing House Releases Three New Novels to Motivate Your Inner Entrepreneur

Rich Publishing House, a center for all things written, is pleased to announce that it will release three books that aim to inspire the world of aspiring entrepreneurs and self-starters. Authored by its founder Richard E Shaw, the company’s novels will focus on motivation and self-help, as well as feature writing representative of the publishing house. Rich Publishing House hopes that its three new efforts will help and encourage its talented pool of clients and the larger world of writers and go-getters.

Let us explore, in this blog, the role of clarity and hard work in achieving your dreams.


“Million Dollar Penny®, Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now® (a dating and relationship novel), and More Than Just a Game 2®,” Shaw lists when asked what books would soon line the shelves of bookstores. “We’re so excited to release these books to our community.” The company worked hard and long on the concepts that are held within the chapters, determined to provide its readers with topics of value commonly heard from the speaker and author himself. “At my speaking engagements, I often touch on the ideas in the books, ideas like how to eliminate fear, inspire passion and purpose, and find fulfillment while braving through challenges.” Rich Publishing House stands for these values and stands by what they intend to do for its audience.

“At Rich Publishing House,” says Shaw, “we aim to instill and inspire these principles in our clients, who we also help string their own works together.” Rich Publishing House is historically known for providing motivated writers with guidance, strategy, and support with their writing medium of choice. “We help with screenplays, books, press releases, blogs, and more,” says Shaw. “But, we only take on a certain personality of clients, ones who are ready to share new, fresh, and inspiring ideas with the world.” The company will not work with anyone interested in remaining stagnant or the same.

“Like the books, Rich Publishing House has always focused on self-improvement. It’s an important part of writing, our message, and our purpose in the world,” holds Shaw. The company’s owner backs it with a belief in determination and people skills when it comes to getting what you want. “We strongly uphold these values,” says Shaw. And so will the new books.

“We’re so pleased also to announce that screenplays are coming for each of these novels,” claims Shaw. “Million Dollar Penny®, Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now®, and More Than Just A Game 2® will all be adapted very soon.” The company can’t wait to share these stories and ideas with the public and inspire more with its message of hope and entrepreneurship.

About Rich Publishing House

Rich Publishing House is a publishing group based in Texas that helps clients write their stories, thoughts, and ideas in various mediums. Rich E. Shaw, mentor, speaker, coach, author, and teacher founded the company to inspire the world through writing. Rich Publishing House is excited to share that it will be releasing more self-improvement novels to the world and adapting them to screenplays. To learn more, contact Rich E. Shaw at and visit the company website at

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